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From our base on Weeland Road, we cover all of Knottingley with our damp proofing services. We know the local area, the architecture and the houses and can bring the best damp solutions in Yorkshire. As well as surveys and quotes for damp proofing Knottingley, we also provide:

  • Chemical damp proof course installation.
  • Cavity drainage membrane systems.
  • Specialist tanking and plastering systems.
  • Basement conversions and waterproofing.

Discover the full services that we provide or call us on 0330 111 3377.  A friendly member of our customer services would love to answer your questions and discuss your requirements. It’s easy to arrange a survey or quotation. Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form and one of our team will be in touch!

Damp can have detrimental effects both on your home and on your health. It can affect your decor — you can spot damp through wrinkling or peeling wallpaper, for example — the temperature of your room and heating efficiency, and even the structural integrity of your property. Damp also increases your chances of developing respiratory problems, including asthma, as well as allergies. Both damp and mould (as damp creates the perfect environment for mould to grow) are thought to weaken the immune system. You might find yourself getting colds or other illnesses more often.

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Our damp proofing surveyor in Knottingley

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Our offices in Knottingley, West Yorkshire

rising damp in Selby

Rising damp in Knottingley, West Yorkshire

There are two varieties of damp. They have different causes and, therefore, often require different treatments, but both have the same effects on your home…

Rising Damp

The most well-known variety of damp is rising damp. This refers to moisture that pervades walls by being drawn up from the bottom, usually from the ground. It tends to occur through a process of capillary action. Over time, your brickwork will be permeated with cracks, usually as the mortar crumbles or degrades. Due to changing pressure, these holes pull water up through them and into the brickwork. The water then spreads through the wall and the material of the building.

If your home in Knottingley is affected by rising damp, then get in touch with Allerton Damp Proofing today for a full and comprehensive quote. We have a team of CSRT surveyors that are local to you and can complete a professional survey. They can identify the cause of your damp and suggest the best solution.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is the second form of damp that can affect homes and properties in Knottingley. It is caused when water enters the building’s walls from a source other than the ground. The most common instances of penetrating damp are in cellars and basements. These are called earth retaining walls as they are surrounded by damp earth. Water moves from the soil into the walls, again through a process of capillary action. Once it has permeated the brickwork, it then spreads through the material, multiplying the damage.

It can also occur in above-ground walls from various sources: broken window sills that leak water onto the wall, broken gutters, cracked render or damaged brickwork. If you spot penetrating damp in your home, then get in touch with experts straight away. The longer you leave it, the more difficult the problem is to solve and it can become more costly.

Call 0330 111 3377 to chat with an experienced specialist about our damp proofing Knottingley services.

Rising damp Yorkshire

Rising Damp Proofing Knottingley, West Yorkshire

penetrating damp in Selby

Penetrating Damp Proofing Knottingley, West Yorkshire

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Act now

Act now

When damp is discovered, it pays to act fast.  If left untreated, any source of damp can cause considerable damage to a home such as the ruin of timber flooring or internal decoration.  Getting in touch with us now will help you to protect your home from further damage.

Damp proofing experts

Damp proofing experts

When it comes to all forms of damp proofing in Knottingley, the name that you can trust is Allerton Damp Proofing.  Our team of highly-trained CSRT Suveyors and PCAQ Technicians are experts in identifying the cause of damp in homes and carrying out the necessary repairs to ensure a lasting solution to the problem.


How much does damp proofing cost?

The cost of damp proofing in Knottingley varies a lot because every project has different requirements and parameters; there’s no ‘one price fits all’ solution. However, an expert surveyor can inspect the areas in need of treatment, work out the required treatments and create an accurate quote for your property. We always give full quotations or estimates before carrying out work on any project so there are no hidden fees. We are also more than happy to talk to you about any other options available as there are often multiple solutions to any one damp problem.

How long does damp proofing take?

The time it takes between beginning a project and completing it is dependant upon the size of the work. A reasonably small project could be completed within 2-5 working days, for example, with additional time to dry out the damp proofed and re-plastered walls before redecoration. Our team always work as effectively and efficiently as possible. We recognise that having your home damp proofed can be a disruption, so we aim to respect your space as much as possible and get the job done as quickly as possible while maintaining our high standards.

Please note that, as a provider of essential services, we are still open for business, with some restrictions. As a new or existing customer, you can continue to call us to discuss new or existing projects.

Please note that we have had to restrict our work in occupied homes considerably, due to the risk that this might pose to our customers and workforce. However, our work in empty homes and properties continues largely as normal.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about anything to do with our work during the COVID-19 crisis, please contact us, as normal, using any of the contact details on this site.