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Damp Proofing Sheffield

Allerton Damp Proofing: Yorkshire’s premier damp proofers, providing services to Sheffield since 1983.

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We have three decades of experience in bringing the highest quality damp proofing services to Sheffield and throughout Yorkshire. With a team of dedicated experts who know the Sheffield area, you can trust Allerton Damp Proofing to do the job thoroughly, efficiently and respectfully. We offer a full range of damp proofing and associated services. These include:

  • Damp proofing Sheffield quotations and surveys.
  • Installation of chemical damp proof courses.
  • Cavity drainage membrane systems.
  • Specialist tanking and plastering systems.
  • Waterproofing and cellar conversion.

Want to know more about how Allerton Damp Proofing can help you?  Explore our website and call our Sheffield hub: 0114 345 3370.  Our customer service team are friendly, helpful and would love to discuss your questions and requirements. Don’t settle for a damp home, condensation or mould: get in touch today.

The Sheffield area has homes, commercial properties and buildings from every decade for hundreds of years. They all require specialist and unique care in order to prevent deterioration. Both rising and penetrating damp can damage the structural integrity of houses, as well as threatening the health of occupants. Dry and wet rot also damage the woodwork, floors and timber in properties. They make the building dangerous, leading to expensive repairs in the future. Allerton Damp Proofing allow you to protect your home, catching damp or rot before it damages your property.


Damp proofing Sheffield Train Station

Damp terraced houses rising damp Yorkshire Castleford

Damp proofing Sheffield terraced houses


Damp proofing Sheffield shops

Rising Damp

Rising damp is the most common cause and the one people most often associate with damp proofing. It is caused by water moving upwards through a building from a source below the wall, usually the ground, through a mechanism called ‘capillary action’. The material of the building, everything from brickwork to woodwork, absorbs the moisture. It then transfers it to adjacent areas of the wall and building, multiplying the problem.

Rising damp can damage a huge number of parts of a building including walls and floors (sometimes leading to wet rot) and causes increasing problems the longer it is left. Address your damp problem as soon as you become aware of it. We have a team of trained and experienced CSRT Surveyors that can identify the cause of rising damp in your property. When they conduct a survey, they recommend the best and most effective treatment to eradicate the damp and make your property a more comfortable and safe place — preventing further damage in the future. We also have qualified PCAQ Technicians who carry out all damp proofing associated works. This includes dealing with condensation, rot and woodworm, among many others. Allerton Damp Proofing keeps your Sheffield home dry.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is the second type of damp that is equally detrimental to your home. It is caused when water infiltrates a building’s walls, floors or other material through a different source to the ground. Most commonly, this occurs in earth retaining walls such as in cellars or basements.

When walls are surrounded by damp earth, the external brickwork absorbs the water that is present and, through capillary action, this water bleeds through the brick and to the internal side of the wall. It forms damp patches and can lead to mould and rot. It damages the internal face of the wall, the decor and can be harmful to the health of any occupants. Penetrating damp can also occur in non-earth retaining walls. Broken or leaking gutters can provide water that is drawn into the wall, as can cracked renders or brickwork, and defective windowsills. If you have a home or property suffering from damp, Allerton are leading damp proofers. CSRT surveyors visit homes across the city and are experienced in identifying penetrating damp and recommending the best treatment. Contact us today to protect your property and take advantage of professionals who have been damp proofing Sheffield since 1983.

Rising damp in Leeds

Rising damp in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

penetrating damp in Selby

Penetrating damp in Sheffield cellar

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Act now

Act now

When damp is discovered, it pays to act fast.  If left untreated, any source of damp can cause considerable damage to a home such as the ruin of timber flooring or internal decoration.  Getting in touch with us now will help you to protect your home from further damage.

Damp proofing Sheffield experts

Damp proofing Sheffield experts

When it comes to all forms of damp proofing in Castleford, the name that you can trust is Allerton Damp Proofing. Our team of highly-trained CSRT Suveyors and PCAQ Technicians are experts in identifying the cause of damp in homes and carrying out the necessary repairs to ensure a lasting solution to the problem.


How much does damp proofing cost?

Sheffield damp proofing varies in price according to the unique needs and design of your property. It is always important to have an expert survey the areas in need of treatment in order to give you an accurate quote. Allerton Damp Proofing will always provide a full quotation or estimate before carrying out any project so you know exactly what to expect — there are never any hidden costs or nasty surprises! Our team are happy to talk about all your options as there are usually multiple solutions to any damp problem.

How long does damp proofing take?

The time damp proofing takes is dependant upon the size of the project and the extent of the damp problem. If a project is reasonably small, it might be possible to complete within 2-5 working days. We recommend that the walls that have been treated and plastered are left to dry out for a considerable amount of time before being redecorated. This ensures that the damp proofing work is as effective as possible.

Please note that, as a provider of essential services, we are still open for business, with some restrictions. As a new or existing customer, you can continue to call us to discuss new or existing projects.

Please note that we have had to restrict our work in occupied homes considerably, due to the risk that this might pose to our customers and workforce. However, our work in empty homes and properties continues largely as normal.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about anything to do with our work during the COVID-19 crisis, please contact us, as normal, using any of the contact details on this site.