Rising Damp Leeds

Rising Damp Leeds

Here’s a photograph from our survey in Leeds City Centre where we discovered this wall (and others) affected by Rising Damp.

Consequences of Rising Damp

Where Rising Damp affects a wall and there is an absence of a suitable damp proof course (DPC), the internal surface of the affected wall will show visible signs of the problem. This can include the wall appearing persistently visibly damp, bubbling wallpaper, a white sediment coming through the wall (this is salt) and the list goes on.

Why is Rising Damp a problem?

Rising damp presents a problem and should be addressed because:

  • The internal surface of the wall will remain in poor decorative condition.
  • The brickwork above the damp proof course will be affected by damp and may perish as a result, causing further water ingress.
  • As the rising damp evaporates inside, this increases the humidity levels of the property, leading to potential condensation and air quality problems.
  • Salt becomes deposited on the internal surface of the wall as the damp evaporates, causing further decorative damage.
  • Any timber flooring or structural timbers which come into contact with the damp may rot or become infested by woodworm, causing considerable damage to the home.

Damp Proof Course

We specialise in the prevention and treatment of Rising Damp. Where a property lacks a suitable damp proof course or the existing course has broken down, we can insert a new chemical damp proof course to replace it. Additionally, as damp proofing specialists, we can determine whether a damp proof course or tanking system would be most appropriate, given the property type. Given the type of property, it may not be effective to install a damp proof course in it, though lesser experienced tradesmen often do.

Damp Proofing Specialists

We are specialists in the treatment and prevention of Rising Damp. Where you suspect that Rising Damp is affecting your home, we advise that you contact us as soon as possible.

Jordan is the Operations Director of Allerton Remedial Treatments; Yorkshire's Premier Provider of Damp Proofing and Timber Preservation Services. With a background in design and as a Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatments, Jordan oversees the company's property surveying strategies and client management.

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